Van den Bos Premium Ardisia’s B.V.
Steenenburchweg 11 
The Netherlands
E-mail: [email protected]

Sunrise Greenhouses
3324 Second Avenue
Vineland Station, ON
L0R 2E0 Canada



Our Ardisia is available every end of the year. You can contact your florist and ask for the Ardisia Bospremium. 
The plants are available through most wholesalers worldwide.

Professional growers

We have partner growers outside Europe. 
Together we are working to make a great product.

When you are a professional grower and interested in our Ardisia's please contact us by e-mail.  

Sustainably grown special plants

Our ardisia's are grown low in energy. This makes it a sustainable plant that you can enjoy for a long time. The growers also strictly adhere to the rules of different authorities and thus obtained the necessary certificates.

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